Meet The Equitybee 100: The Top Startups Based on Investor Demand

August 6, 2023
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Equitybee is excited to announce the release of the Equitybee 100, an exclusive ranking of the most in-demand private companies, determined by investors on the Equitybee platform in the six months since the 2022 economic collapse*. The list represents a comprehensive view into the most dynamic segment of the economy: startups.

This may sound like familiar territory. Each year, Equitybee issues a list of the 10 pre-IPO companies generating the most interest among our investor network, which spans industries including spacetech, foodtech, consumer tech, enterprise software, fintech and many more. This year, the list has been expanded to include 100 companies. Due to global economic tumult, we have seen major shifts in demand in the startup market among the investor community. Equitybee is here to help you learn more about the sectors and companies that are experiencing peak demand—and ultimately, we’re here to help you make educated investments in these opportunities, in the event that there is limited supply of stock in these companies, or before they go public or get acquired. (By investing on the Equitybee platform, investors are funding the employee stock options; in exchange, investors gain a portion of the future stock value.)

In light of the current economic challenges beginning with Q2 2022, the list of the most in-demand startups among Equitybee’s network of 20,000 investors is being published at the beginning of the quarter rather than at year’s end, to provide a current state-of-the-union perspective, and to give our investor network greater visibility into the most sought-after startups post-market crash 2022.

Investor demand has increased in these companies on our platform, and decreased in others. while the market is in its state of flux, following investors sentiment Equitybee will be focusing on supporting employees from high demand startups.

The Equitybee 100 top startups

Without further ado, here is the Equitybee 100:

  1. SpaceX (Spacetech)
  2. Stripe (Fintech)
  3. Databricks (Big Data)
  4. Instacart (Consumer Tech)
  5. Reddit (Social Media)
  6. Cockroach Labs (Big Data)
  7. Impossible Foods (Foodtech)
  8. Chime (Fintech)
  9. DuckDuckGo (Internet/Search)
  10. Gusto (HR Tech)
  11. Carta (Fintech)
  12. Discord (Social Media)
  13. The Boring Company (Transportation Tech)
  14. Master Class (Consumer Tech)
  15. Turo (Automotive Tech)
  16. Houzz (Consumer Tech)
  17. Plaid (Fintech)
  18. Acorns (Fintech)
  19. Nextdoor (Social Media)
  20. Rothy’s (Consumer Tech)
  21. Zocdoc (Medtech)
  22. Betterment (Fintech)
  23. Checkr (Big Data)
  24. Gong (Enterprise Software)
  25. Saildrone (Big Data)
  26. Sila Nanotechnologies (Automotive Tech)
  27. OfferUp (Fintech)
  28. NURO (Automotive Tech)
  29. (Fintech)
  30. StockX (Consumer Tech)
  31. Automation Anywhere (Enterprise Software)
  32. Malwarebytes (SaaS)
  33. TripActions (Consumer Tech)
  34. Shield AI (AI)
  35. Lacework (Big Data)
  36. Fivetran (Big Data)
  37. Canva (Consumer Tech)
  38. Zipline (Robotics)
  39. Neuralink (AI)
  40. BetterUp (Enterprise Software)
  41. Petal (Fintech)
  42. CircleCI (Enterprise Software)
  43. Calm (Consumer Tech)
  44. LaunchDarkly (Enterprise Software)
  45. PsiQuantum (Big Data)
  46. Grammarly (Consumer Tech)
  47. Notion (Enterprise Software)
  48. YieldStreet (Fintech)
  49. Justworks (HR tech)
  50. Epic Games (Consumer Tech)
  51. Paxos (Crypto)
  52. Fanatics (Consumer Tech)
  53. Apeel Sciences (Foodgech)
  54. LeaseLock (Real Estate Tech)
  55. Binance (Fintech)
  56. Slice (Foodtech)
  57. Outreach (Enterprise Software)
  58. Alpaca (Enterprise Software)
  59. Outdoorsy (Consumer Tech)
  60. Citizen (Security Tech)
  61. Flexport (Enterprise Software)
  62. Figure (Fintech)
  63. Headspace Health (Medtech)
  64. Quora (Social Media)
  65. Branch (Fintech)
  66. Carbon Health (Medtech)
  67. Capsule (Medtech)
  68. Scale AI (Big Data)
  69. Intercom (Enterprise Software)
  70. Signifyd (Enterprise Software)
  71. Abacus.AI (AI)
  72. ThoughtSpot (SaaS)
  73. Delphix (Enterprise Software)
  74. Stash Financial (Fintech)
  75. Workrise (HR Tech)
  76. Unqork (Enterprise Software)
  77. Docker (SaaS)
  78. Instabase (Enterprise Software)
  79. Cadre (Fintech)
  80. Blue Origin (Spacetech)
  81. Quizlet (Consumer Tech)
  82. Brex (Fintech)
  83. DataStax (Enterprise Software)
  84. SambaNova Systems (AI)
  85. Icertis (Enterprise Software)
  86. InVision (Enterprise Software)
  87. Good Eggs (Consumer Tech)
  88. Benchling (SaaS)
  89. Curology (Medtech)
  90. Wiz, Inc. (Security Tech)
  91. Primer (Big Data)
  92. DataRobot (SaaS)
  93. PeerStreet (Fintech)
  94. Patreon (PaaS)
  95. ClearDATA (Medtech)
  96. Handshake (PaaS)
  97. AvantStay (Real Estate Tech)
  98. ClickUp (Enterprise Software)
  99. Cerebras Systems (AI)
  100. Industrious (Real Estate Tech)

Here is a verticalized list of the top 5 companies in the most sought-after sectors by investors in the Equitybee Investor Network:

top 5 fintech companies






top 5 bug data companies


Cockroach Labs




top 5 consumer tech companies


Master Class




top 5 enterprise software companies


Automation Anywhere




top 5 Med Tech companies


Headspace Health

Carbon Health



top 5 saas companies






Note: Equitybee is not affiliated or associated with, or endorsed by, any of the companies mentioned herein; investments subject to availability.

*April 1—September 30, 2022


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