Why Equitybee?

The system is broken

Getting stock options can be a game-changer financially – it's the stuff you hope for when you join a startup. But the catch is, you usually have to wait for some uncertain exit event to really cash in on your well-deserved stock options. And if you leave the company before that happens, affording the exercise cost is often a tough call.

We want to make things right

We’re here to fix this problem. By leveraging our global network of investors, you can get the money you need to exercise your options and liquidate your equity before an exit event. Best part? There are no upfront out-of-pocket fees and you'll remain the sole owner of your shares!

Our mission is to empower you to participate in the success of the company you helped build.

What we believe

We believe that equity needs to be equitable. This means you should have the right to…
Understand your options

You deserve full transparency when it comes to exercising your options and becoming a shareholder.

Know what your options are worth

Determining the value of your options should be as simple as checking your account balance.

Make the most of your options

You deserve to realize the potential and value of your options.

Own your shares

You earned your options with your hard work and deserve to keep your shares.

Get an equal opportunity

You should be able to participate in the success of the company you helped build, regardless of your background or financial situation.

Our Investors

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