Stock Option Success Story: Senior R&D Employee at Radiflow

August 6, 2023
5 min read

Today, we’re highlighting the success story of a startup employee who was able to exercise their stock options with the help of Equitybee. For the sake of privacy, this individual’s personal information has been anonymized.

Stock Option Success Story

This individual reached out to us when they left their senior position in Research and Development at Radiflow, a cybersecurity company focused on operational technology.

With a package totaling nearly 300,000 stock options, this employee needed more than $70,000 to exercise them. For reference, that same amount of money could be used to purchase a new, fully loaded, self-driving Model 3 Tesla!

As they described it to us, “I always knew I would need to pay money to exercise the stock options, but I knew I didn’t have the required funds, and the risk of taking a loan in order to exercise was not an option.”

When this employee first came to Equitybee, they had numerous questions about the exercise process and about our platform.

“I didn’t know what my obligation was to the process or to the investor,” they said, “but the entire process with Equitybee was so easy and so professional that I didn’t need to search for alternative solutions.”

We worked with this employee, side by side, until we came up with the funds they needed. Through our investor network, they received over $70,000, enabling them to exercise their options without spending a penny of their own money.

While this startup employee’s company is yet to go public or be acquired, they are still very grateful for Equitybee’s support.

“I love Equitybee,” they said. “I recommend it to anyone I know, and I was so pleased with the process that I pushed four other engineers to work with Equitybee.”

With the support of the Equitybee team and our investor network, this startup employee was able to own shares in the company they helped build, all without taking any money out of their own pocket.

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