The Equitybee reserve fund

Access to Startups for Institutional Investors

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Invest in the startups of your choice with ease

Equitybee gives you the opportunity to access high-growth startups at past valuations by funding employee stock options. In exchange for helping startup employees exercise their options, you’ll receive a share of the proceeds upon a successful liquidity event.

The Equitybee Reserve Fund (ERF) was created to unlock this unique access for investors with a large amount of capital to deploy. When you invest with the ERF, you set your investment parameters and we’ll invest in multiple offers on your behalf - with just a single investment.

Here’s how the ERF benefits you:


Gain priority access to the top offers

Exclusive access to every single offer before being added to our platform


Customize your investment parameters

Dynamic investment criteria can include VC funding, industry, company, and more


Receive zero touch investment curation

Capital automatically deployed to offers fitting your investment criteria

Our investors accessed these companies before they went public

BetterCloud company logoMonday logoConfluent logoTrifacta logoCoursera logoBentobox logoCouchbase logoIronnet logo

Partial list; past performance is not indicative of future results.

Want to check out potential ERF outcomes compared to investing in a secondary?
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ERF vs. Secondary Market

  • Variable prepaid forward contract
  • Aligned interests between buyer, seller and Equitybee
  • Access to shares at discounted 409A valuations
  • No ROFR risk
  • Equity ownership
  • Risk of illiquidity, exit is required to unlock investment return
  • No counterparty risk
  • Company specific risk
Sample Equitybee liquidity event example
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- December 2020
Employee approached Equitybee
  • Needed $90K to exercise options (including tax)
  • Cost basis - $4.4672 per share
- April 2021
Employee successfully exercised
  • $90K original investment amount
  • 1% annual interest
  • 25% share incentive
- July 2022
Employee notified of tender offer
  • 100% share purchase at $30.4868
- November 2022
Distribution results
  • $609K in gross proceeds
  • $366K for the employee
  • $235K for the investor
  • Representing an IRR of 150%
Post fee and pre-tax | Past performance is not indicative of future results | Equitybee offers private placements which are speculative, illiquid, contain substantial risk and may result in the complete loss of capital to the investor | All ROI calculations are before tax.
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